SufosMC Server rules and Discord rules!

1. General Rules:
1.1 - Use common sense and respect other players.
1.2 - Any kind of x-ray, flyhack, and other hacks and hackclients are not allowed.
1.3 - Any kind of exploitation of bugs/exploits both from minecraft and plugins is not allowed.
1.4 - Mods, resource packs and macros that give you an advantage over other players are not allowed.
1.5 - Griefing is not allowed, this also applies to places that are not claimed.
1.6 - Build at least 150 blocks away from others' claim.
1.7 - Having more than one alt/smurf is not allowed.
1.8 - Scamming is not allowed.
1.9 - Real world trading related to ingame items, money and other is not allowed.
1.10 - All forms of circumvention of AFK kicks are not allowed.
1.11 - Circumvention of one's punishment is not allowed.
1.12 - Offensive username, skin, nickname or similar is not allowed.
1.13 - It is not allowed to renew your marketplace plot if you are not actively playing on the server. Playing actively on the server means that you play on the server several days a week and that you actively play in the sessions you are in. If this is not the case, you must cancel your marketplace plot. If you do not cancel your plot yourself, staff will cancel the plot and save everything on it. Contact staff to get all items back.

2. Chat Rules:
2.1 - Foul or offensive language is not allowed.
2.2 - Swearing is allowed in moderation as long as it is not directed at another person.
2.3 - Spamming is not allowed.
2.4 - It is not allowed to use unnecessary amounts of capslock.
2.5 - You may not advertise without written permission from staff.

3. Redstone and farms:
3.1 - Any kind of server demanding construction, whether it's an auto-sorter, efficient mob farm, redstone masterpiece or other, comes with a condition to take into account server performance, economy and statistics.
3.1.1 - The following farms are not allowed on the server.
- All farms that make use of any kind of bug (Both Minecraft bugs and plugin bugs)
- All farms that make use of any kind of duplication.
- Shulker Farms.
3.2 - Staff has the right to ask you to decrease redstone or farms if it creates lag and has impact on server performance, economy and statistics.
3.3 - Max. 100 of each mob, and max 50 villagers.
We recommend that mobs, animals and villagers are given plenty of space to reduce lag.
3.4 - Ironfarms may produce a maximum of 7 stacks of iron per hour.
3.5 - Goldfarms must be built in the main world, and may max consist of 10 netherportals of 23x23 obsidian blocks.
3.6 - Autofisher and farms using similar features are not allowed.
3.7 - 0 tick farms are not allowed.

4. Allowed mods and clients:
If you have a mod you wish to use but are unsure if it is allowed to use, please do not hesitate to contact staff ingame or on discord.
4.1 - Optifine, Sodium, Lithium (performance mods)
4.2 - Fabric/Forge
4.3 - Mini-map mods (no cave view)
4.4 - Just enough items/item mods
4.5 - Chest/inventory sorters
4.6 - Litematica (The feature "easyPlaceHoldEnabled" is not allowed)
Since maparts should not take up space in the overworld (Hovedverden), we recommend that you remove them again after they are completed, or that you build them in the miningworld (Mineverden).
4.7 - Badlion client/Lunar client
4.8 - Bobby (Client-sided Render Distance)

A violation of the rules results in a penalty as determined by the staff!

5. Discord rules:
5.1 - All above rules are also applicable to discord rules!
5.2 - It is not allowed to play music in the channels.
5.3 - If you are asked to leave a private conversation, you must respect others.
5.4 - Your name on the discord server should be similar to your minecraft name. You have the option to change your name yourself.

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